Meal Planning Made Easy!

You’ve had a hard, long day at work… and you are hungry…and so is the rest of your family. The last thing you probably want to do right now is think about what to make for dinner.

To help make your evenings run more smoothly, take advantage of the times when your motivation is high to plan out your menu for the week. The weekends are a good time to think about what you want to prepare for the week. Once you have a plan, you’ll know ahead of time what you are making and will have all the ingredients on hand to make the meal happen.

Ready to start planning ahead? Let’s go!

Download our Menu Planning & Shopping List.

Think about what you’d like to eat during the week. Make sure you have plenty of fruits, grains, and vegetables. Fill out the planner as you think of a meal. (Looking for meal ideas? Visit our recipes area.)

Image of menu planner

As you choose a meal, look at the list of ingredients. Note the ingredients you don’t have on hand on the second page of the download – this will be your shopping list.

image of shopping list

Download the Rate Your Menu worksheet if you’d like to see how healthy your meals look.

With a week’s worth of menus already planned out, your dinner time will be a breeze!