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Intro to MyPlate Food Guide

MyPlate is the USDA’s easy-to-follow food guide that helps Americans eat healthier. The MyPlate graphic helps you visualize how to add the five food groups to your meals and shows the proportions of each food group to put on your plate during meals.

  • Make half your plate fruits and vegetables
  • Focus on whole fruits and vary your veggies
  • Make half your grains whole grains
  • Move to low-fat or fat-free milk or yogurt
  • Vary your protein sources
  • Drink and eat less sodium, saturated fat, and added sugars

Making half the plate fruits and vegetables is a simple way to make sure you are getting enough of these nutrients each day. Encourage your family to try a variety of fruits and vegetables at breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner at home or eating out.

For more tips, download 10 Tips for Building a Healthy Meal

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