Kids Activities: Rainy fall days

With the ever changing weather of the fall season, you never know when the kids will be stuck in the house on a cold, rainy day. Here are some fun ideas for getting your kiddos moving inside the house or out!

Freeze! Turn on some high energy music and designate someone to the controls. Start and stop the music randomly and have kids dance until they hear the music STOP! They must suddenly stop moving and start dancing again when you press play!


Charades! Have your kids act out different animals while you guess which one they are. They can slither like a snake or march around like an elephant to get in some physical activity!


Toss around a balloon, see how long you
can keep it from touching the ground (the ground is lava!)

Tape homemade cardboard “wings” on to your child and see how fast the can “fly” around the room!


Act out your child’s favorite story!

Pretend to be a bicycle and get those legs moving!

If it is nice outside, get out there! Go for a bike ride or “fly” around the yard with your “wings”!